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Hitting the road

Surprising even myself, I have finished 'Dead If You Find Me' in time for my November 2021 deadline. The book is an on-the-road thriller, and unlike 'Beyond the Sea', which had four point-of-view characters, it is told in the third person from the point of view of one character—Alden Lake. The set-up for the book is Alden's riches-to-rags decline and then his struggle to redeem himself while trying to stay alive. I'm not big on themes, but if this book has one, it is perhaps the kindness of strangers. My e-reader tells me it will take 7 hours and 38 minutes to read DIYFM, which hardly seems long enough given it took three years to write! I'll provide a link to the bookstore listing, and if you do read it and do enjoy it, I'd be eternally grateful for a review. Reviews are the fuel that drives book sales, but they are tough to pry from readers. I understand why. Being asked to post a review is a little like receiving a survey request after talking to customer support at your bank. You have my money, what more do you want! Nevertheless, if you can find the time to post a few words, it might make all the difference. Also, if you use social media and feel inclined to share your enthusiasm for 'Dead If You Find Me', that too would be warmly welcomed. Thanks for reading.

You can get hold of 'Dead If You Find Me' from here…